New TAO! and New Series!

2007-12-17 15:13:33 by ZacharyHinchliffe

A new episode of The Adventures Of! is out, and in my opinion, it's the best since the second! And, the pilot of my new series, Minimum Wage, is out! Check them out here!

New TAO! and New Series!


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2007-12-17 15:26:06

Hey, I like your cartoon style, but there seems to be very little animation in them all. Each movie mostly consists of stillshots of characters with only their lips moving. You can draw some funny pictures (like that fat woman in the go-cart-thingy). Why don't you take the next step and see if you can make a movie that has constant animation throughout the whole movie? If you could get a niche on some basic fundamentals of animation, I'm sure your movies would get a lot more attention.