Both TAO! 7 "Hair" and 8 "Adventure" are now available!

And if that wasn't enough, the first episode of Year 3, "Mystery", is available for prerelease from for the meager sum of 99 cents! Watch it before anyone else can!

Minimum Wage #2 and #3 plus a little something extra

2008-06-15 20:32:12 by ZacharyHinchliffe

Minimum Wage is now over, with a double update.

Also, I made an Ackbar fancartoon in the style of the original using the totally awesome Ackbar Value Pack. It's not that great but whatever.


--Zachary Hinchliffe

Key To Adventure gets Daily 5th Place and Front Page!

2007-12-25 08:08:07 by ZacharyHinchliffe

That's right! My first ever Newgrounds award, Key To Adventure just recieved Daily 5th Place and Front Page on the flash portal! If you haven't played Key To Adventure yet, go play it now! If you have, spread the word: l

Merry christmas!

A new episode of The Adventures Of! is out, and in my opinion, it's the best since the second! And, the pilot of my new series, Minimum Wage, is out! Check them out here!

New TAO! and New Series!

Just recently, I gave you all a DOUBLE UPDATE of my series, The Adventures Of! - episodes 3 AND 4!
Go ahead and check them out on my profile page!

(And make sure to watch the first two episodes too, if you haven't already!)

The Adventures Of! Double Update